ISO certification india and ISO consultants india,mumbai


To acquire ISO certificate you have to develop and implement the required management system in your organization, we will help you develop and implement that system. We help you streamline the processes so that you can achieve the desired objectives. We assist top management in framing policies setting objectives, help managers & departmental heads in developing procedures and train supervisors and workers to implement the same. We prepare all the documents and (formats of) records required for the certification.
Our Consultancy Package Consists of Three Phases…

Phase I
Development of the System
 Assessment audit {Study of existing system (both implementation & documentation)}.
 Collection of documents. (Formats Only)
 Gap analysis.
 Preparation of documents & suitable business strategy keeping core business objectives in mind. {Documents like, Standard Operating Procedures,      Manual, Policy Vision, Objectives etc.}.
Phase II
Implementation of the System
 Management System awareness training (to all in the org.).
 Documents & Record keeping training (to relevant persons).
 Skill development/enhancement training for better productivity (to whom so ever requires. Skills like interpersonal skills, time management, work     life balance, etc.)
 Implementation of the developed business strategy.


Phase III Audit
 Internal audit.
 Management review meeting.
 Certification Audit (through selected certification body).