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Kindly be aware of the Sellers of the Certificate!!!

Now a days you may come across people selling ISO certificates for as low as Rs. 3000/- Be informed that such certificates doesn’t hold any value. A colour printout is still costly at 3000, isn’t it?

The valuable prospect or client who has asked you to get certified is not interested in making you spend Rs. 3000/- they are interested in raising level of the quality of your management system (your processes and products/services) which in turn will benefit them.

ISO certification when obtained properly will surely add value to your management system, that’s what your prospect/client wants from you. Sellers of the certificate bypass the system which does not add any value to your system. Your prospect/client can easily find out in just one or two deals whether you have bought the certificate or obtained it and now days they actually do it as they are also aware that people are selling and buying ISO certificate. Then it may not only lead to loss of business but loss of the goodwill which you have generated over the years with your sincere efforts.

Tell us, if you need an engineer will you hire a person with just degree without knowledge and experience or a person with degree plus knowledge and experience? If you want your son or daughter to be a doctor will you buy a fake doctor’s degree? Obviously no.

We advise you to be careful in selecting the consultant or certification body for getting your esteemed organization ISO certified. Wrong selection may tarnish your image as well as image of your organization which you have built over the years with your hard work.

Question: How to differentiate between a genuine consultant or certification body and a cheap seller?

Answer: When someone approach you for ISO certification or you contact someone for this purpose, tell them “I don’t want any paper work and audits, I just want certificate in 2 days” if they get agree to provide you ISO certificate on these terms then be informed they are the cheap sellers of the certificate. If they deny providing certificate on these terms then you may proceed.

We at ZMS don’t sell certificates, we actually follow the system, see our process