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Some Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is ISO

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an organization located in Geneva, Switzerland. It is at par with United Nations (UN). Almost all the countries of the world are members in it.

Kindly note ISO doesn’t certify any organization directly rather it has given the authority to accredit the certification bodies to the accreditation bodies. There are few accreditation bodies across the globe like UKAS, JAS-ANZ, SAS, NABCB, etc. These accreditation bodies regulate and keep a check over certification bodies who audit the organizations and issue the certificates.

2) What is ISO Certification

ISO CERTIFICATION is the world’s most reputed generic certification which an organization can have. It is actually an award to your already established system and that’s the only requirement for it “to establish the required management system in your organization”.

For example: If somebody wants to get his organization ISO 9001:2015 certified he/she has to establish quality management system (QMS) in his organization.

It is as simple as this “note down what you practice and practice whatever you have noted down” means you are not forced to abide by the rules set by somebody else. You have to define your system and you have to abide by it.

3) Why I should go for ISO or whether I need it?

Now days, clients have become much more quality conscious than before. They prefer only those products, which are produced by consistent and standardized methodologies propagated by quality management principles. Some of the benefits of ISO are as enumerated below:


  1.  Consistent Quality of products
  2.  Lesser Defects
  3.  On-time Deliveries
  4.  Improved Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Profitability
  5.  Improved competitiveness and organizational capabilities
  6.  Improved work environment within organization.
  7.  Enhanced employee loyalty
  8.  Enhanced market image
  9.  Reduced cost and minimized rejection.
  10.  Continual improvement.
4) Whether my organization is eligible to get ISO certified?

Since ISO standards are generic management system standards, any kind of an organization irrespective of its nature, size and products can go for it. Even if you don't own the premises in which the organization is situated you can apply for it. Public Ltd, Pvt Ltd, MSME, Partnership firms, Proprietor ship firms even Institutes, Govt. Bodies, and NGOs can go for it. Traders, Suppliers, Exporters, Service Providers can get ISO certified. There is no criteria of minimum number of employees or minimum turnover.

5) How much time it takes?

Total project duration may range between 20 to 90 days depending upon the nature and size of your organization out of this duration, period of consultancy may range between 10 to 60 days  . It can be minimized further by better coordination between both the sides. From the certification audit till the issuance of certificate it takes 10 to 30 days (refer the process flow chart).

6) What is the cost involved?

There is no uniform cost structure, It basically depends on the selection of the certification i.e. 9001/14001/18001/22000/27001/Halal, etc. Every certification requires different management system to be adopted i.e. QMS/EMS/OH&S/FSMS/ISMS/HALAL, and every management system is unique and requires different approach, then nature, size and employee strength of an organization decides the amount of efforts we are required to put in. Selection of the certification body also puts an impact on the cost of certification. Feel free to ask for a quote particularly for your organization. +918286086777 | |

7) Why ZMS?

ZMS is a pool of intelligence. The consultants from ZMS work with such a dedication and commitment as they are integral part of your Organization. The team of ZMS (Consisting Lead Auditor, CS, MBA) is dynamic and innovative and it often goes beyond its commitment. Clients’ satisfaction is in the centre of all our considerations. For the benefit of our customer, we offer pretentious solutions, which suit best the aspired target.

8) I am a Trader, can I get ISO certified?

Yes, read the answer for question number 4.

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