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ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 stands for Quality Management System (QMS).

It is one of the most popular and generic management system standard issued by ISO. Any kind of an organization (large or small; public or private; commercial or social) irrespective of its nature and size can go for it. It is the most sought after certification across the globe. Many of the organizations like TIME, PEPSI CO, Mercedes, IOCL, etc. have obtained it.    

Developing and implementing QMS is a fun. It evolves around seven principle (customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, Evidence based decision making, relationship management) and encourages organization to adopt PDCA (Plan; Do; Check; Act) approach. QMS gives liberty to the management to develop and implement a customized quality management system in their organization.  If asked to define QMS in one sentence we can state “note down what you practice and practice whatever you have noted down). There is a myth about QMS that “it increases paper work” fact is that i reduces the paper work by eliminating duplication of the activities.

QMS helps organization achieve: Consistent Quality of products; Lesser Defects; On-time Deliveries; Improved Customer Satisfaction; Customer Loyalty and Profitability; Improved competitiveness and organizational capabilities; Improved work environment within organization; Enhanced employee loyalty; Enhanced market image; Reduced cost and minimized rejection; Continual improvement.

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