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HALAL Certifications is the buzz word now a days specially in food, cosmetic and pharma industry. Today when religion is in the center of all considerations for many people it becomes very important to cater to the religious requirements of a considerable size of consumers i.e. Muslims.

Islam forbids its follower to use things which are forbidden in sharia. For understanding purpose sharia can be said to be a standard issued by the one and only God like various standards issued by ISO (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, etc.) and it (sharia) is the standard to be implemented to obtain Halal certification.

There is a general myth about sharia that it is stringent and complicated but fact is otherwise. It is very easy to understand and abide by sharia provided the person whom you hired for this purpose should be a qualified person (he/she is called Aalim/Aalima). Being a muslim doesn’t mean that he/she knows every aspect of sharia. It has to be learned and a non muslim can learn it.

We help you understand and implement sharia in your organization which will not only benefit you in short run but also in long term.

Halal certification is not just about slitting the throat of an animal or bird but it covers lots of things right from procurement to the consumption. In this way it becomes “supply chain management”. It helps you streamline all your processes.

It not only helps you tap a set of consumers but also helps you streamline your processes, reduce wastage, prevent accidents, improve efficiency, increase profitability, enhance loyalty and retain customer base.

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